Sharing Gratitude from the Heart

Leave nothing unsaid

Who doesn’t love an unexpected note of encouragement? Sometimes a simple text can turn someone’s day around. After the past few years, we’re probably all working towards being more mindful about pausing, reflecting, and sharing our feelings with those around us. Expressing gratitude is powerful and contagious in its impact. Join us in this journey to spread some joy!

Gratitude in the workplace

Your team may work together in the office every day or you might all work remotely from home. No matter your unique distribution, every team member should feel valued and know they’re appreciated. Did someone’s work on a project impress you? Praise them for their skills and initiative. Is someone always there to help when it’s needed? Share your gratitude for their reliability. Have you noticed someone going through a difficult time? Give them a note of encouragement and positivity. Recognition at work goes much farther than you might realize, one small moment of encouragement can create a positive ripple effect in your team culture. It never hurts to callout your coworkers’ strengths and successes. Everyone likes knowing the work they do matters; make a conscious effort to name and notice the moments (and the people) you’re grateful for while doing your job.

Gratitude in your life

When was the last time someone sent you a kind note, just out of the blue? No matter how far away your loved ones live or how often you’re in touch, a written note of thanks and love always brings out the warm fuzzies. Express gratitude for your closest friends and family. Of course they already know you love and appreciate them, but it’s always nice to hear.

You can also send a note to reconnect with folks you haven’t seen in a while. Everyone is busy, and everyone has a thousand things on their endless to-do lists. Just because someone has been out of touch for a bit doesn’t mean they wouldn’t still love to hear from you. Reaching out ‘just because’ is sweet and thoughtful; you don’t have to wait for a special occasion. Of course, sending a card to celebrate significant milestones is always special. From birthdays to anniversaries, it’s more fun opening a real envelope than seeing a post on their Facebook wall (although, that’s always nice too). 

Send Gratitude via Snail Mail

Not sure what to write in a blank card? Share a favorite memory together, an inside joke, what you admire and appreciate about them, maybe even an evening or two you’re free for a phone call to catch up. Without adding extra postage, you can also include photos, a favorite recipe, fortune cookie slips, a fun clipping from a newspaper or magazine, a bookmark, or even a small art print.

Grab your stationary of choice and let the gratitude flow. Don’t overthink it! Put your appreciation into words and drop it in the mail – no stress. Do you feel lighter already? Set a goal to send out a few notes each month, maybe one per week. After a few months, you might even find yourself with some new pen pals.

Thoughtful notes from friends and family are some of life’s simple pleasures. Plus, we have a feeling that taking a break to reflect and say the unsaid will lift your spirits, too.   


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