Learning to Show Gratitude

Don’t leave it unsaid

Just because something is understood doesn’t mean it needs to remain unsaid. Gratitude can be shown in a million different ways, but who doesn’t love an unexpected note of encouragement or an ‘I’m just thinking of you’ message? They seem to come on the days we need them most. It’s 2022 after all, and we are all working towards being more mindful about pausing, reflecting, and sharing our feelings with those around us. Join us in this journey to spread some joy!

Gratitude in the workplace

Whether little has changed for your workday or you now find your team spread apart as you work from home, we all enjoy new ways to connect with our coworkers. Did someone’s work on a project impress you? Praise them for the accomplishment. Is someone always there to help when it’s needed? Share your gratitude. Can you see someone that is having a hard time? Give them a note of encouragement. Anything you share with your coworkers may seem obvious, but the fact that you noticed is sure to make an impact. Recognition goes much farther than one may realize, and just as you appreciate some gratitude thrown your way, so might your peers.

Gratitude in your life

Your loved ones may live around the corner or states away. Either way, it will warm their heart to get a note from you. Express gratitude for your closest friends and family. These are often the people we overlook because these feelings seem implied. You also can connect with those that you have grown distant from. Often, we find the business of life gets in the way, and before you know it, it has been far too long since the last time you talked. A note from you will remind them of the fun you have together and rekindle the relationship. In addition to reaching out ‘just because,’ send a card to celebrate significant milestones. From birthdays to anniversaries, they will enjoy opening the envelope much more than seeing a post on their Facebook wall. 

Not sure what to write? Share a favorite memory you share. We know just what to add if you want to take this to the next level. Without adding extra postage, you can include simple items like photos or a favorite recipe. These easy additions will share the effort you put into this. 

So, let’s get to work! Grab a set of note cards or even a simple piece of printer paper. Write down your sentiment and drop the note in the mail – it’s that simple. Work to send four letters out a month. You can either start the new month by reflecting, send one a week, or write them organically as things come to mind. You may even be surprised that your single note turns into a continuous pen pal.

These notes are sure to brighten their day and could be something they hold onto that will cheer them up for years to come. Not only will they appreciate the care, but we have a feeling that taking a break to reflect and say the unsaid will lift your day, too.   


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