Repurpose Your Content

Let’s face it, perfecting the perfect copy for your latest brochure, upcoming magazine, or monthly newsletter takes a lot of time. Your workload can add up when creating content for your business; there’s brainstorming, researching, writing, editing, and more editing! Why not repurpose your content? We’ll show you why you should try this and even give you some ideas on how to do so. 

More is MORE!

Sometimes less is more, but in this case, more is more. Getting your content in front of new audiences can expand its impact, create new leads, and establish more credibility for your brand. When one of your marketing pieces does well, take note! You can reroute that success into a new project. A quick read-through will tell you if you can repurpose your content on a new channel, if some tweaks are required, or if that piece only works in its original form. The chances are that verbiage could impact more than just those who received the initial project.

Let’s think smarter, not harder, and get more use out of our work. Our days seem only to get busier, don’t let the content you worked so hard on be a one-hit-wonder. It is crucial to be resourceful and repurpose these projects to get the most out of your efforts. Let’s say you have three projects to put together for your brand. Rather than creating three different pieces, you may be able to use one as a guideline for creating the next two. Before you know it, your message will be in front of even more eyes and may make a more significant impact! Take a second to celebrate over another project crossed off the list before tackling the next!

Get Your Name Out There

The Rule of Seven is one of marketing’s oldest concepts. It explains that your customer needs to hear or see your message seven times before buying your product or service. Let’s not get held up on the number but rather the principle. Each time they hear from you, you increase your brand awareness and credibility, moving that much closer to the sale. To get your brand at the forefront of possible clients’ minds, branch out and offer unique communication opportunities, such as email opt-ins, text subscriptions, and fun content on your social media pages! With all of this in mind, your creative process will be streamlined in no time.

Look forward to more checks on your to-do list and brighter days ahead by repurposing your content.

Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Print Items

Redesign. Reuse. Reprint. Take your magazine article and make a brochure. Reworking these can create persuasive handouts for your next tradeshow or impactful mailers sure to impress. Find our favorite printers in our Resource Library!

Blog Posts

Create a blog page on your website and post pieces like these. Not only are they an excellent resource for your customers, but they can also help boost your Search Engine Optimization.


Send the information to your email list as a digital newsletter. Include the entire article or a snippet that links to the whole piece. Clients are sure to be excited to see it land in their inbox. We love using Flodesk to launch our campaigns.

Social Media

Slice and dice the information into several posts and tweets. Viewers scrolling through the page can quickly learn something. Consider linking to the long-form where they can learn more.


Distill the information into an infographic. Use any statistics or figures to create graphics that make this infographic useful. These visuals are a great tool to absorb information quickly.


Take it to audio! As we rush from one thing to the next, give your followers the chance to catch your latest news from their commute with a podcast. A basic external mic is all you need to get this started.

Slide Deck

Lean on this content for your next meeting with the power of PowerPoint. Pull the main points onto slides for an easy presentation. The presenter can explain more from the entire piece while sharing.

and so much more!


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