Boost Credibility with Heartfelt Testimonials

Customers trust other customers the most!

Your potential customers often look to peers and past customers when deciding which business to patronize. Usually, this research comes in the form of online reviews or client testimonials. Feedback from real happy customers is absolutely vital in our digital age of sparkly marketing campaigns and clever personalized algorithms. For better or for worse, reviews and testimonials play a huge role within industry competitors, especially. PowerReviews recently conducted a study that helps illustrate the impact this can have on your inquiries. 

  • Over 97% of consumers consult reviews and testimonials before making a purchase (or, more specifically, deciding who to purchase from).
  • On average, consumers read between 1-10 reviews before making a purchase. Almost everyone reads at least one.
  • More than one third of retail shoppers will not purchase products in a brick-and-mortar store without first consulting reviews.

Reviews from peers are more impactful than ever, so make sure your glowing testimonials are easy to find. By sharing happy customer experiences on your social media, website, and newsletters, your brand’s credibility increases and potential customers are one step closer to purchasing.

How to collect and implement top testimonials from past clients:

1. Lead with integrity

Make sure your clients give written consent for their feedback to be used for promotional purposes.

Your customers don’t owe you a testimonial; think of them as generous gifts. It never hurts to remind clients how appreciative and grateful you are for their patronage, especially when they’re taking the time to write a thoughtful review of their experience working with you.

2. Just ask!

You’ve likely already received praise and appreciation from your customers after a happy purchase or completed service. Reach out to them and ask if you can use their words as a testimonial. Start by simply sending an email to loyal past customers. They understand your business and know firsthand the benefits your offerings provide.

Moving forward, work to get your client’s testimonials right away. For service-based businesses, ask for feedback upon completing the project while they are freshly excited about your work. For product-based companies, wait until the customer receives their items and experiences the benefits for themselves.

Collecting testimonials can be done via mail, email, website submission form, or a review platform.

3. What makes a great testimonial, anyway?

A quality review or testimonial will reassure the shopper of two key points:

  1. Their needs and pain points are both relatable and easily, satisfactorily solved.
  2. Your business can fulfill those needs better than anyone else.

Have your customer share their name, business, website, location, product or offering purchased, and a photo of their head shot or logo. We suggest asking for these details while also making clear none of them are really required. They may prefer to keep their review vague for privacy reasons, and that’s fine. A testimonial without some of this information will still make an impact. 

The testimonial is meant to help you close sales. Have your past customers focus on your partnership benefits and the quality results your offerings provided and continues to provide them. Think of questions that inquirers may have and try to have them addressed in the testimonials. You can provide your client with prompt questions to guide them to answer these key questions by sharing their experience.

4. Share testimonials with pride

Put those new and detailed glowing reviews to work! We recommend creating a fresh page on your site that displays your best testimonials, in addition to sprinkling them around your site and social media posts. Find the most powerful ones for each topic and feature them in your marketing to add brand credibility. Some potential customers may focus on the success of your offerings, while others may focus on the benefits of your customer service.

Check out how we use testimonials to our advantage here!


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