Your Guide to Brand Accuracy

Beyond the Landing Page

As businesses launch, there are a few things that most of us implement right away. Websites go live, blogs are written (hi!), and social media pages are created. Brand accuracy is always top-notch in the beginning when it’s new.

As time goes on and you become busy with the day-to-day tasks of being a business owner and helping your clients, your marketing platforms platforms can be accidentally neglected. This means you risk outdated or inaccurate information lingering on your accounts, which can confuse or deter potential customers.

Keep your presence fresh with a marketing audit.

When preparing for your online audit, focus on the basics. Don’t skip it. One minor correction may seem like a quick edit, but it’s easy to forget every location to update or additional detail to include.

  • Check business hours, contact details, locations, and general business information.
  • Reread every line and paragraph on your website to hunt for typos, missing words, and outdated information.
  • Update your “about” pages to reflect your current staff and any other changes since the first time you wrote it. As your business grows, so will you; of course you’re going to adapt your own story along the way.
  • Add any awards, achievements, and notable testimonials you’ve received since your last audit.
  • Check all the links on each of your digital platforms. Seriously, click everything. Make sure the links are not only connected but send your viewer to the correct location.
  • Going forward, opt for sharing a line such as ‘In Business Since 2010’ rather than ‘In Business for 12 Years.’ Simple tweaks like this can lead you to higher brand accuracy rate across your entire website.

Align the key details with your unique branding.

After you’ve fixed the dates and updated phone numbers, the real fun begins. Just because your information is freshly up-to-date doesn’t necessarily mean it serves you as best as it can. Reflect on the fine details about your business, team, and offerings. Does the voice ring true to your brand? Is something missing? Is there too much of something? Will the current information convert curious inquiries into faithful customers?

Grow your success with grace and ease.

Each additional year you’re in business brings more experience and credibility to you and your brand. Learn more about how to use testimonials to attract customers. Along with depth of experience, more years will also bring brand evolution. Examine your visual brand to ensure it fits your company at its current stage and the customers you are working to attract. A more nuanced piece of brand accuracy: does the branding align with your target customers?

Plan on working through this brand audit every six months. Keep your list of “perishable” data in an easy-to-reference place (we like Google Docs), so you can guarantee your information is always accurate.


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