A Guide to Brand Accuracy

Set It & Forget It

As businesses begin, there are a few things that most of us implement to start substantial growth. Websites are designed, business cards are printed, and now, more important than ever, social media pages are created. However, these platforms can be accidentally overlooked within the whirlwind of owning a business. Before you know it, your marketing materials will be out of date and not accurate, leaving potential customers confused or plain uninterested. It is inevitable to not be perfect at keeping your information updated, but there are steps to minimize the damage done. 

Review your presence & put your best foot forward.

How to execute a personal audit to keep your site fresh

When setting up your online audit, keep in mind that the content that makes the most negative impact and most often needs to be altered is the basics. One minor correction may seem like a quick edit, but it’s easy to forget every location it needs to be updated.

Luckily for you, there are ways to streamline this process and help out your future self. Opt for sharing a line such as ‘In Business Since 2010’ rather than ‘In Business for 12 Years.’ The latter would require an annual update that may be overlooked, leading you to a higher accuracy rate across your entire website.

More accurate than your GPS

Nobody likes it when directions lead you to the wrong address. When conducting your audit, check all links on your digital platforms. Make sure the links are not only connected but send your viewer to the correct location. Keeping all of your links accurate will avoid any frustration from those looking to reach out to you. 

True Reflections

Now we have achieved peak accuracy across all channels! So, our audit is complete – right? Not so fast. Just because the information is accurate doesn’t mean it serves you as best as it can. Reflect on the information about your business, team, offerings, and more to make sure it is compelling verbiage. Will this information convert curious inquiries into faithful customers? Let’s make sure it does!

Have you added all recent certifications, awards, and accomplishments? You should! Achievements are sure to catch the eyes of prospective customers and ease their minds about this investment.

Experience Has Value

Each added year in business means you gain experience and credibility that will help you provide a better product or service for your customers. Use that experience to your advantage. Learn more about how to use testimonials to attract customers in Build Your Credibility. Along with experience, years will also bring evolution. Examine your visual brand to ensure it fits your company at its current stage and the customers you are working to attract. Read about how color impacts your brand in Color Theory in Branding.

We now are left with a refreshed brand that puts your best foot forward. So we must be good to go by now, right? Not quite, sorry! This will leave us in the same predicament we found ourselves in the last time you created these marketing pieces. Plan on working through this plan every six months. Keep your list of “perishable” data in a word processing document (we like Google Docs), so you can guarantee your information is accurate at any given moment! You will be surprised at what changes you discover need to be made.

I know it seems like a lot right now, but we are in it as business owners for the long haul! Eventually, this revision plan will become second nature, and your website will always be up to date and serve you and your clients most accurately and efficiently! 


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