Color Theory in Branding

Judging a Book By Its *Color*

We’re human. We can’t help it. Consumers shop mainly based on decisions made right away from color, design, texture, and smell. Of these snap judgments, 90% can be based simply on the color, according to the study Impact of Color on Marketing.

Each color brings something different to the table. Yellow might bring up your spirits, while red may remind you of anger! Here at Candor Wells, we use muted earth tones for a grounded layered feel that can easily pair with our client’s work without clashing. Explore what emotions different hues convey and some of the major brands utilizing them. 

If you are worried that the colorway you have chosen may not fit the brand identity you are shooting for, don’t worry! Color theory isn’t an exact science, and there is a lot of leeway when choosing your palette. Try looking at different color themes to see if they are an ‘appropriate’ choice vs. the ‘right’ choice. Each brand should have its own personality from the emotions it emits to the ideal audience you wish to entice. Make sure your colors can embrace this personality and fit what you are selling. 

Be Unique

To keep your brand from blending in, you might want to avoid the color that best fits you. Check the market to see what your competitors are using. Consider going with one outside of the box to set you apart. Think about Target – they surely set themselves apart from Walmart by going with the signature red rather than blue. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware all opted for a color different from the others. Each major mobile phone company uses a unique hue, ranging from red to blue to yellow and even pink!

Skip the overthinking and go with your gut. If you need more help, lean on your past clients and friends for reassurance on what color is appropriate for your brand. An extra set of eyes will help ensure you stand out and don’t stick out.

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