Thriving Client Relationships

Getting in the rut of self-promotion happens to the best of us! You may be posting about your product or service too often, resulting in a disconnect between your brand and what your clients are interested in. A quick solution is to try making more of your content focused on clients’ problems and needs. This approach simultaneously helps your audience and positively impacts how you are perceived as a business. We call that a “win-win” in the industry. You are sure to be viewed as a trusted partner rather than a salesman by prioritizing the client. Authenticity is key, and being generous will go a long way when building client relationships.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook! (not to be taken literally)

Gary Vaynerchuk explores this idea in his book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” This successful marketing expert has seen incredible results in his campaigns when using this method. The ‘Jab’ refers to giving, and the ‘Right Hook’ is the pitch. We should shoot for sharing advice, expertise, and problem-solving 75% of the time and leave the other 25% for landing the sale. You are more likely to succeed by first establishing trust within your client relationships, so don’t be afraid to put the client first. 

You’re getting it! What now?

This method can be applied to inquiry calls or emails when you are generous with the answers you provide, a traditional sales interaction with a fresh take, or even in promotional card-type marketing. When prospective and returning clients see the nuggets of information you’re giving away for free, they’ll be excited to partner with you–a proven expert.

Being Unique in a Crowded Industry

Marketing channels these days seem to be as busy as they’ve ever been. Every business has an online presence, and if they don’t, they should! Now more than ever is when you want to be standing out from the competition. The content filling said channels are all yelling at the reader to buy from them. Stand out above the noise by reworking your messaging and marketing your offerings as solutions to the client’s problems. 

Enter the Client’s World!

Sharing only self-promotional content may work for the short term, but if they don’t need what you’re offering today, chances are any collateral will be thrown away. If you are sharing some great tips for them to implement in their business, chances are they will stash your piece away for later reference. Enter the world of your client; what do they need, what do they want to see? Create content that applies to their daily life so that your product or service doesn’t get passed up. You now are staying in their lives longer with a lasting impact, so they’ll be giving you a call when they need your services down the road. With how fast online and print collateral expires, who wouldn’t want a longer lifespan on a campaign?

So, now you’re ready to try giving some great content to your audience! One problem left to tackle: you don’t know what to share. Don’t worry. We have your back. Think through your frequently asked questions to get a good idea of what your audience wants to learn about. Pair those ideas with our prompts below to get your title! You will be making killer content in no time and cultivating healthy client relationships in the process!


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